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uShoot Studios

The most cost effective way to use our studio. Book by the hour or by the session, by the machine or take the whole studio.

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For those who want more input from our team, weshoot is the perfect option. For any looking for a fully inclusive service.

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Due to overwhelming demand we now offer model shoots in our studio, making UShoot a perfect one stop solution for all your photography needs.

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Our horizontal StyleShoot machine is the perfect way to digitise Art of all sizes giving you a cut out PNG of your work in under 1 minute. Efficient, Effective, Easy.

Top Tips for Shooting with UShoot


Knowing the best ways to style your products on the StyleShoots machines saves time and money.

In this fashion product photography tutorial, Pernilla from Styleshoots we will show you some of the best ways to blankets and towels on tabletop using the StyleShoot horizontal machine.


In these short videos we go through step by step how to take perfect high resolution cut-out shots in minutes.

Perfect cut-out flat shots

Start to finish in a matter of minutes!

Perfect cut-out mannequin shots

Start to finish – front and back – in minutes!

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We have the flexibility to cater for any product shoot and if this all seems to good to be true just pop in, bring some product and see for yourself.