Quinton Chadwick shoot colourful creative wool wear

Quinton Chadwick

Set up by Jane Chadwick and Jess Quinton just over fifteen years ago with a mutual vision from the designers to use only British manufacturers.

Their designs are detailed and beautiful incorporating the highest quality knitwear yarns. There aesthetic is all about gorgeous bright colour combination.

banner shot tweed scarf gloves _Front.jpg

A major passion for the designers is to keep traditional knitting skills alive in the UK. They use specialist factories in Scotland and Nottingham as well as a co-operative of hand-frame knitters in Cornwall.


This hands on approach to machine techniques and industrial processes has helped the label develop its clever modern twist on heritage patterns. Always inspired by colour and the play of scale and pattern, each new collection moves with current trends yet enhances their strong quirky graphic style. 

Colourful Product Photography with Quinton Chadwick

This is really fun stuff to shoot, high levels of detail and careful manufacturing mean they need little post-production.

One problem that occurs when shooting wool is accurately and easily cutting out the edges. Naturally you will have a little fraying and you can see the edge of the weave. With our Styleshoot machines you get the most accurate cutout automatically without any difficulties. This saves a lot of time and makes the images more usable in various contexts with different background images.