5 tips for shooting flat lay perfect for social media

5 tips for shooting flat lay photography perfect for social media

Shooting your product for social media is a challenge that all brands face. So we've put together 5 top tips to get great product shots perfect for social media.

1.       Collections

When creating Imagery for social media you are want to create interesting, attractive imagery.

Straight product photography is, in a word, boring. It serves a very specific purpose, to sell a product, but it isn’t going to sell someone your brand.

So the first step is to create collections and looks. Put together some outfits and even add in some accessories that complement.

Then style the items as you’d like.

Tip: Try to capture the essence of the outfit in the way you are styling. For example, is it a formal outfit? If so arrange everything neatly with 45 degree angles. If it’s a casual outfit, create some more interesting angles and make it a little more playful.

Amaia Kids is an excellent example of how you can use outfits to display the character of the clothes. We love the addition of the bow in these images! 

amaia 2.jpg


2.       Editing & Backgrounds

Depending on your product and your branding you may want to have a simple black, white or grey background. However, adding an interesting background to your image that compliments your product often looks fantastic.

For this you will need photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop to cut out, arrange, and add layers.

Our StyleShoot machines are great for this as they automatically cut out all the background for you removing a step from the process.

Chilly Bottles are a great example of using a variety of backgrounds in their shots. They use a mixture of straight product, shot in our studio with background edited in, and interesting lifestyle images showing their product in a variety of environments. Check out their Instagram for a few awesome ideas. Chilly's Bottle Instagram

chilly 3.jpg


3.       Framing & Composition

Anyone who has read the photography for dummies guide within the last 20 years or so will know about the rule of thirds.

Imagine your image is split into a grid of nine sections, three up, three across. For a straight product shot you want the image dead centre. For a landscape you will want the subject to be in the left or right third.

Nylon designs horizontal usb 201215+10~Banner 2500x1000.png


4.       Props

Props are a great way to get a little creative and highlight the use of the item you’re shooting. This adds an extra dynamic to the image.

popcron products with popcorn~Front~ORIGINAL.jpg

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5.       Colours

One of the most important things to think about when you are shooting for social media is to consider your colour palette.

In each image choose items and accessories in colours that compliment. No burgundy with baby pink, for example.

You also want to think about your branding colours. If you work in a large corporation you will probably have a branding book, keep that in mind when choosing your palettes and it will help keep the feel of your social media in-line with your branding.

Finally, when approaching something like Instagram, having consistent colours, not just in one photo, but a cross all your photos will lend your gallery a cohesive well branded and appealing look.

This creative shot we did for Oxford Shirts shows off the rainbow of colours that you can get this range of shirts in. Notice how we have arranged the shirts next to complimenting colours, not just blue with blue, but showing gradation across the spectrum.

What do you think?

If you have any further tips, ideas or thoughts, please feel free to share in the comment section below.