9 Creative Product Photography Ideas

Why would you need Creative Product Photography?

The online market place is continually demanding innovation in the way products are being presented. This is being led by the big brands and fashion houses who have the resource to continually create creative product photography ideas: resulting in extraordinary, gripping imagery.

This is due to the advancement of technology, making it quicker and easier to shop online, meaning that in 2017, we have reached a time where people actually buy more online than they do in-store.

The Importance of product photography can’t be understated because your online presence has become your shop. With Social Media now a marketing powerhouse, having excellent imagery is all the more important, because you can easily and affordably get it out there in front of people. On top of this the monetisation of social media means you can effectively target your buyers within each of these platforms.

The consumer expectations are constantly shifting, and depending on your purpose you will need each of your items shot in a number of different ways: from simple straight forward product photography, to stylised photography demonstrating movement, to brand aligned location model shoots, to weird and wonderful marketing imagery.

Here are 9 Creative Product Photography Ideas:

How can you get those funky shots, perfect for your home page banner (your online shop window), or for attention grabbing marketing.

#1 Hanging Shots

Hanging products is not necessarily an unusual practice itself. However, you can get really quite creative with it. Hang the product upside down, sideways, or with an odd background. Suspend it from wires or ropes, and then actually leave those in the photo… Go gruesome or sexy, make people laugh.

One thing to remember though, is make sure you take away many more photos than you think you need with lots of variations. Because that brilliant idea you had may not be as brilliant in real life as you hoped.


#2 Change up the angles

Most of the time you get a head on shot, or a simple birds eye views, simply because angling it can distort the product. However, sometimes you can get away with it, and the results can be really quite interesting.

#3 Create Looks

Combine products into stylised looks. You can control the colour match-ups and show how items go together. This is great for advertising,, allowing you to show multiple products at once, but also create colourful eye-catching fun design useful on two fronts. Also, as a wholesaler it shows how products can look together in store helping promote multiple sales.

#4 Macro Shots

Macro shots focus on the details and can add an extra lustre to a product, but keep in mind that most macro shots will probably need to be ones that are used in conjunction with normal product photos. They can be a great asset to a series of photos, in for example, a feature page in a catalogue, or on an eye-catching poster. Just be sure that your lighting is perfect so that all of the tiniest details show up. The following are examples of excellent product macro photography:

#5 Show the product in a weird use

Put the product on the table in front of you, grab a pen and paper, and now write down every possible way you could possibly use the product. Start with the more normal everyday uses and gradually let your mind approach the more surreal possibilities. Eventually, you will come up with something and think, ‘no… no we couldn’t possibly do that.’ But yes, yes you can. You may need to do some digital editing/illustration or costume/set design with this, so plan out your idea fully before starting the shoot. Here are some creative product uses:

#6 Use some extreme post-production

You may need to hire a graphic design artist or someone of that ilk for help. This could be an opportunity for some seriously original product photography, the sky is literally the limit. Combine this tip with #4 and all kinds of amazing things could happen. Check out some of these very interesting photo manipulations:

#7 Use Reflective Surfaces

A reflection can add huge amounts of depth to an otherwise simple and static photo. We don’t mean just plonk your product on a mirror. Try using photo manipulation to reflect the image onto water perhaps. Or place the product in a shallow pan of water and use lighting to enhance the reflection. There are a few ways to get around this. The following are some great product reflections:

#8 Create Movement.

Get clever when you are styling the garments. Even if you are shooting them flat you can still infuse them with life. Papu a childrenswear company, set us at UShoot the challenge of ‘making the clothes dance.’ They wanted to convey the fun, style and life of the clothes and their brand without model.

#9 Humanise the product

Create a story that surrounds it. Give it character. Use props.  What is it that makes your product unique and emphasise that uniqueness with your imagery. Keep ideas of your brand in mind when you are thinking about this. These following photos certainly add personality to the products:

Got any more Tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!