Benedita Shoot Stylish Childrenswear Product Photography at UShoot


Benedita is a design focused children’s luxury fashion brand. They have a range of well-considered clothes for babies and children with timeless style.

They believe that the care and attention you show when dressing your child goes a long way to developing you childs self-esteem and confidence.

“Feeling loved and pretty everyday builds up children’s confidence, which will hopefully stay with them forever.” – Benedita

They came to Ushoot needing their high quality product shot quickly without compromising the quality of the photography.

Benedita 1jpg

Based in London we were the obvious solution for their photography needs.

They shot all their products flat lay, both back and front on our horizontal machine.

Benedita is a London-based luxury kids fashion brand. You can find Benedita in over 10 countries across 4 continents.

They crowdsource talented artists making their collection rich and unique where all pieces are art pieces.

They also believe in embracing a more sustainable and ethical approach in childrenswear and encourage parents to choose quality over quantity.

 Which is why it is particularly important to display the high-quality of the clothing.