Even faster photography: stand out from the crowd

More than just Product Photography

Would you be interested in getting cut-out product shots, product on model and video simultaneously?

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Using the Styleshoot machines this is now not just possible, but easy. A number of big brands are already taking full advantage of this technology, and we want to help small brands do the same.

The new Styleshoots live creates high quality video and incredible stills, simultaneously.

This will allow you to easily and speedily create engaging content for all your channels.

Within minutes, export auto-edited, formatted video and stills. All ready for e-commerce, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and signage.

It's fast moving content for fast moving fashion.


By condensing a photo and video studio into one machine, the speed and efficiency of your model shoots becomes unparalleled.

No more running between different sets or changing your lighting, and camera. The machine works alongside your stylist and your videos are auto-edited on the fly, instantly ready for review.


High quality output

With a 4K capable Canon EOS 1DX Mk II embedded inside the machine, you get unrivalled quality in stills and video.

Colour matched video and stills

By being shot on the same set, your stills and videos are color matched so you don't need extra post production.

Complete creative freedom

Get the perfect look with touch controlled, directional lighting and fully customisable flooring and backdrops.

Want to know more about the technology?

Complete control

Because this system combines processes into a smooth easy and fast way to produce content, you can focus on your creative and easily create something incredible.

Styleshoots Live gives you all the tools you need to be a more engaging and creative brand, boost your followings and increase your sales.