Get More Product Shots to Sell More Product

More Product Images Lead to more Sales

It’s well known that showing images of your products online will help them sell. However, did you know that the more images you show of a product the more likely it is to sell?

Increasing your Sales

Whilst quality quality is vital, and always trumps quantity, more does appear to be more on this occasion. 

If we just look at one eBay study they came to the conclusion after analysing over 6.8 million listings, that each image increases the chances of a sale by an average of 3%.

The study doesn’t give an upper bound. So, having six product shots means you are almost 20% more likely to make the sale than just having one image. 


For example, the brand Macacha produce a healthy protein powder. They have spent a lot of time developing packaging that accurately shows off the their products, hinting at things like natural ingredients, healthy benefits, and a better lifestyle.

They are able to take full advantage of their great branding and packaging by using multiple shots. These display the product as honestly as possible and emphasise the high quality.

Each of these images adds something and further builds consumer trust. The shot of the back of the package, for example, display the nutritional stats and ingredients which are one of the major selling points of the product. They’ve then backed up that information with instructions for use, and a full detailed description on the product page.

The more shots and the more details you display the less returns you will get.

Each shot is both beautiful in its own right and builds on preceding shots. The customer has a clear view of the product and all relevant details. The addition of the open packet shots gives the impression of opening up the packaging yourself to get the first sachet, it creates the feeling of opening this new purchase.

The power of including so many images is that it assuages your doubts. You know more about the product.

The more images you offer the closer you get to feeling like you actually have the product in front of you.

It is, in essence, a chance to proactively answer questions that your consumers might have about your product. And you get to choose exactly how you want to show your product off.

This helps people make informed decision, taking them from, maybe, to yes.

The Healthy Back Bag

Anther example of a brand we’ve had in the studio that takes full advantage of the ability to quickly take consistent images from numerous angles of a single product is The Healthy Back Bag.

They shoot each product from at least four angles and support these with a model shot and often with a detail and interior shot.

The reason for this is their product is unique, with each part of the bag carefully thought through. To properly convey the products quality, design and functionality they need to use as many pictures as possible.

They then support these images with product details including dimensions, weights, fabric and product specific features.

hbb web page.JPG

For Clothing

We recommend for clothes you do a front, back and any interesting detail. For things like shoes, front and back, 45-degree angles, left and right sides, and detail. When we say “details,” we don’t just mean embroidery, buckles, rivets, or other add-ons. A detail can be anything interesting, like alternate strap arrangements or inserts.

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