How to get Product Photography to Beat your Competitors

How has product photography changed?

Product photography has changed because how it is used has changed. Back in the day, almost all purchases were made in store, with a few from catalogue, mail-order or over the phone. However, with the advancement of technology online shopping has exploded and consumers are now buying more things online than all the previously mentioned methods combined. 

Above: one example of three different ways to shoot a product, by Chilly's Bottles each shot has a different use...

An annual survey (in 2016) by analytics firm comScore and UPS found that of the 5,000 consumers polled, they each made at least two online purchases in a three-month period. According to results, making at least 51% of their purchases online.

It used to be that, upload a selection of high resolution images to your website and the whole system would come crumbling down. This is no longer an issue. In fact it has become essential to lead your marketing and online presence with good, high quality Imagery.

Why is Imagery so Important?

Blog posts with pictures every 75-100 words got 2x as many shares compared to those without. Facebook posts with images see 2.3X more engagement than those without images. Tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without imagesSource

If you want to compete online you need amazing imagery.

How do you get the Imagery you need to beat the competition?

Competing in this realm of image based marketing is expensive. There’s aren't many ways around way around it, and the big brands and fashion houses that lead the innovative dance into the future, have deep pockets.

Yet you need to appeal to your audience in the most current way. A picture of a dress on a hanger against an off white wall, isn’t going to be as enticing, or show the clothes selling points as well as a styled ghost-mannequin shot, or an on model shot.

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A few examples of companies that created great product photography with UShoot Studio to help them beat the competition:

Oxford Shirts Create Stylised Looks

Oxford Shirts started over 30 years ago and has gone from strength to strength over the years, gradually evolving from knitwear into having full collections of Men’s, Ladie’s, and Children’s wear.

It is precisely because of this expansion over such a long period of time that they recently came up with the daunting realisation that the imagery they had was, a) outdated and b) inconsistent. They needed to overhaul, redo and the website and the imagery.

They got creative with their looks, and we returned consistent, and neat, high quality images.

Jakss: High quality designer labels - and a lot of them

Established in 1977, Jakss is one of the longest running Designer Children’s retailers in the U.K. Their store is based in London’s vibrant East End, a short walk from the Olympic Village. Over their long history Jakss has established itself as a leading destination for Children’s Luxury Fashion.

The problem they came up against was the vast quantity of clothing that they moved. They needed a consistent look across their online platforms and they need a fast turn-around that they can’t get from a traditional studio.

With each new season they have hundreds of different products each of which needs the highest quality imagery to accurately display the highest quality products. And this needed to be underpinned by an affordability.

Pomodoro control over beautiful Imagery for beautiful product

A womenswear brand with everything from sophisticated evening wear to casual daywear... bold colours, standout prints, delicate knits and glittering embellishments. Beautifully co-ordinated collections offer a truly contemporary and versatile look.

Pomodoro started out as a wholesale company, but now also have a thriving online shop. Wholesale traditionally never needed product photography, they needed factory shots, just enough to give the retailers a flavour. But you can’t get away with that any more. Retailers are consumers too and expectations have risen. You will be punished for bad photography.

The need and subsequent cost for excellent imagery has been almost entirely fabricated from nothing for them in recent years. Now they need good shots with a fast turn-around and importantly they need control over the kinds of imagery they get.

Royal Academy and Versatility

The Royal Academy shop has everything from giftware and jewellery, to clothes, calendars and ceramics. The Royal Academy also has a range of art catalogues and prints that need digitising. However, this poses a unique problem. Each of these items requires a slightly different studio set-up, and they don’t have enough volume, only 10-20 pieces at a time, to warrant the time and expense it would take to set up these. The only place to get this done would be a large studio, however, with so little at a time the expense is extortionate.

The versatility required in the methods to shoot these is not a problem for the StyleShoot machines though. And the products can be shot and images sent within a couple of hours.


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With remarkable ideas transformed into eye-catching images your product and your brand will be on the front foot.