K Swiss: The Comeback

K-Swiss: The Comeback

Everyone likes a comeback story, and this is just that. The iconic 90s footwear brand has been making quite a splash in the fashion industry, recently hitting the catwalk at London Fashion week with their first ready-to-wear collection in over a decade.

Doing what it does best, it’s new range features throwback ‘classics’ with a unisex range that harks back to it’s prime era, late 90s, focusing the designs on the hip-hop and rap scene of that time.

The US footwear brand’s archive of 1990s classics is a timely inspiration for its first clothing collection in more than a decade.

The 12 styles combine retro sportswear and oversized silhouettes with urban streetwear and current trending athleisure. So, it’s not surprising that they have decided to make their comeback now. They have teamed up with Gary Vee,  the Belarusian American entrepreneur releasing several design hits with him over the last year or so. 

Their clothing is in line with their old branding, but revamped and updated to fit with today’s trends and discerning consumer expectations. Colours in the first collection are a homage to K-Swiss’s signature red, white and blue, but will evolve through future collections to bring in more trend-led seasonal colours and new fabrications.

“It’s classic styles but in modern fits. We’ve learnt from our footwear that you can’t just bring back an old shoe – you need innovation,” says Bart Verdoorn, K-Swiss brand director Europe. “Logos and ‘name dropping’ have become super-important.”

K-Swiss at UShoot

It was a real pleasure to shoot the new K-Swiss collection in our studio.

Bringing their photography as up to date as their revamped style.

We shot everything flat lay which is how we normally shoot streetwear. This allows us to get a consistent, efficient shoot that focuses on the preeminent design features.

We loved the colours and prints, the large silhouettes and paired back style that we think perfectly pairs a modern aesthetic with our 90s nostaligia.

We are looking forward to the next selection that we will get from them and we're hoping to get a chance to shoot some of their iconic trainers!