Macacha have a healthy product shoot at UShoot

Who are Macacha?

With a collective nutritional experience of over thirty years the guys from Macacha are doing everything they can to make nutrition easy.

There are a lot of answers out there, people telling you to eat this, to not do that. It becomes difficult, and increasingly expensive, to know what is actually beneficial for you.

Macacha provide a simple solution:

“Forget taking all your different supplements and potions (and spending time researching what's best). No need for endless juicing (and the washing up). Just add MACACHA. Complex, meet simple.”

Six signature superfoods form the basis of each of their recipes. Making their nutritional blends no-nonsense goodness.


Macacha at UShoot

Shooting their products held a couple of difficulties.

Their protein blends come in tubular packages, with a gloss finish. What this means is that under normal lighting you get intrusive reflections which cover the packaging design, as well as distorting colours.

Also, they wanted multiple angles, and perfectly consistent imagery to complement their beautiful new website.

The latter problem is easily resolved by using the StyleShoot Machines.

With a stationary camera and fixed lighting you just have to line up the product. And with an real life display on the iPad with an overlay function makes lining it up exactly the same each time easy.


The overlay function can be either in grid format or even better you can overlay a previous product shot.

The former problem was a little trickier to overcome. However, we know a few tricks by now. With some clever use of diffusers to lessen the glare of the reflection, and by controlling the camera exposure and the machine lights, we were able to get the shots perfect almost surprisingly quickly.