Shooting Accessories with UShoot Studios

Shooting any form of accessory can be fiddly and time consuming.

In the studio we style and shoot everything from bags to belt buckles, pins and scarves. Each item holds its own set of challenges.

For example, handbags have lots of design elements that make them time consuming to style properly. They require delicate styling of tassels, zips and tags to create an appealing look. 

You have to deal with small details, excess light and reflections, all without compromising the design and lustre of the product.

Royal Academy

We shoot a broad variety of items for the Royal Academy store. Pins and broaches, artworks, scarves, jewellery, even catalogue books.

This array of different products that they need shot, means they need a versatile studio. In a traditional studio this would mean multiple set-ups rearranging lighting and a very good photographer. All of this can quickly become very expensive.

Our Styleshoots machines though offer an efficient solution to a lot of these problems though. Meaning Royal Academy can get high quality photography, consistent across shoots, without the high price tag this would usually entail for them.


Healthy Back Bag

Healthy Back Bag have been shooting with us since we opened up in 2015. They had a problem with the consistency in their product shots across their website. With each new season they needed a new shoot, but the images were never quite the same. The angles slightly different, the lighting changing. They also do all their retouching in-house.

This meant their website was full of small inconsistencies. All of this meant that their costs were up and their sales weren’t as high as they could have been.

HBB Comp2-900.jpg

We provided the perfect solution. Our machines mean less post-production with ready cut out PNGs. And because the machines are self-contained photographic studios with set light and camera angle getting perfectly consistent shots across seasonal shoots became not just a dream, but an easily realised reality.

Christina Sabaiduc

Scarves are another accessory that often poses a problem when I comes to styling. Different materials, prints, and designs all require a slightly different touch.

You also have to consider your brand and the purpose of the product. Is it a high end fashion accessory? Or a more functional big woolly winter number? These would both benefit from being shot in slightly different ways.

Shooting scarves flat lay is one of the most effective and simple methods in getting the right shot online. It allows you a great deal of flexibility in how you want it to be presented, and there are tons of ways to make the scarf stand out – but like anything, consistency in your styling is key. 

One of our clients who does this really well is Christina Sabaiduc. She has a collection of gorgeous high end scarves that are very effectively displayed on her website.