Sixteen47 shoot amazing plus-size mannequin photography at UShoot

How Sixteen47 shoot their amazing plus sized clothing with UShoot Studios.

Consumers want honesty. And traditionally the fashion market place has not been a particularly honest place. Plus-sized clothing is often shot on models who fall on the rather slim side. What this means when shopping online for plus-sized clothing is that you can’t get a real sense of what the clothes would look like.

Every fashion consumer is concerned with fit and flattering designs. So, it’s impractical for a shopper to gauge an item on a size 14 model when she actually wants to purchase a size 20.

On top of this it is only in recent years that the plus-size market place has really evolved to offer a decent selection and variety of clothing.

When it comes to straight product photography this has left many brands somewhat in the lurch. You need a plus sized mannequin, and a lot of studios, because demand has historically never been huge, haven’t invested in one.

About Sixteen47


Sixteen47 is the clothing line that has been developed for plus sized women by Helen Teague and Dawn French. The two of them met in the early 1990’s when, Dawn in search of good clothes wandered into Helen’s shop and loved what she found.

The clothes themselves are beautifully and thoughtfully designed. And designed with plus sized women in mind, the fit is flattering rather than it simply being a large copy made for smaller women.

For those who need and want stylish and interesting clothes that fit and work for both their personal and work life, this extended size range, is perfect. It can be demoralising clothes shopping especially online where you can’t try things on, but with Sixteen47 the results are always simple great clothes.

You can find Sixteen47 at 69 Gloucester Avenue, London NW1

How UShoot shoot plus-size

We are a photography studio with a difference. We use the Styleshoots machines, which are used by the likes of Zalando, Boohoo, M&S, Zulily. We are the only studio offering a service using these machines in the UK.

What this means is you get product photography to as good as or better than some of the biggest competitors out there, without spending a fortune.

We currently shoot all of the clothes by Sixteen47 using their mannequin which we keep in our studio ready and waiting for the next plus-sized woman’s garment.


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