Active and Swimwear in UShoot Studios

Shooting 3D

Over the last couple of months we've had a wide variety of gorgeous active and swimwear.

These clothes provide a unique challenge when shot on mannequin. Creating the 3D effect with the mannequin cut out requires multiple angles to be shot and the images to be stitched together in post production.

This is especially difficult with thin complicated straps.

For this reason people often opt for shooting (especially swimwear) on flat lay, which can be a quicker option. However, the 3D effect is great for showing how the product fits when worn.

Inava Pavani

Inava Pavani began by identifying a new type of savvy stylish consumer who respects the value of a technical fit. Established in early July of 2017, the versatile luxury activewear transcends seasons with their timeless designs. 

For Luna

Founded in 2009, For Luna Swimwear is the world’s leading retro beachwear boutique, with a strong reputation for fantastic quality beachwear and excellent customer service.

Designed to be practical as well as glamorous, all their swimsuits, bikinis and accessories are comfortable as well as stylish and eye-catching.


Activewear that aims to bridge the gap between the gym and the bank. Set up by Katiana Korsakova this gorgeous line of atheleisure clothes stands out from the crowd with its paired down simplicity, bold colours. It is about quality, these are clothes that should make you feel as beautiful as you look in them, whether you’re out and about or sweating in the gym.