5 key tips to a getting great eCommerce content at an affordable cost

There is no rocket science to shooting product efficiently. Getting good content for your online store is more about common sense and pragmatism than creative genius.

Matt Braisier from Styleshoots in this video specifically talks about 5 key things that will enable a model shoot to run effectively but these and more apply to on-model, mannequin and flat-lay eCommerce content

Below are a few simple (and of course in the main quite obvious) tips to cost efficient content


Over and above anything else the mantra - Be Prepared - is absolutely key...

This goes without saying but it is astounding how many bookings we receive be that for Mannequin or flat-lay or on-Model where all elements of preparation have not been considered. So what are the key things to consider prior to any shoot - here are just some examples:

  1. Do you have a style guide that details exactly what shots you need with examples.

  2. Have you instructed your studio in terms of output,

  3. Is your nomenclature absolutely clear to all involved.

  4. Have all priority pieces been identified.

  5. Has full wardrobe been established and all looks been documented railed and noted in order.

  6. Is product scheduled to arrive at the studio with ample time to be steamed, prioritised and railed.

  7. Are models briefed comprehensively so that their time is managed efficiently

  8. Have all image formats been fully briefed so that there is no delay in uploading final images

  9. Have deadlines been fully discussed, agreed and image priority determined

So, definitely no rocket science to a good content shoot but it is easy to overlook the small details that may make all the difference

All in all what we would say - is

If in doubt ask! and the more time taken to prepare, the more efficient and cost effective the shoot!

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