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7 Tips to Getting Consistent Product Photography - even between shoots

The ecommerce industry is changing all the time. However, whilst trends come and go with each season, there are a some things that always remain the same - especially in apparel photography.

In this post, we identify seven essential things to consider to get you perfectly consistent photography across all your photo-shoots and help you create stunning inventory images!


Transporting product - clothes especially - can crease or even damage them. Sometimes you are shooting samples which maybe aren’t quite finished or have been made slightly wrong. So the first thing you have to consider when you shoot your product is how you prepare it.

  • Pack everything carefully.

  • The steamer and iron are your new best friends. Get out all creases to show your product off at it’s best.

  • Remove any tags or labels that are in the way. Don’t worry we can re-attach them after the shoot.

Whilst you can fix quite a lot in photoshop, the more work you do in post-production the more ‘damage’ you do to the file quality. Also, re-touching takes time and specialised skills and the expense of fixing a product because you didn’t iron them or remove the tags beforehand can quickly add up.

Matt Brasier from Styleshoots offers some helpful tips on how to prepare for your shoot.


Next you need to decide how you want your images shot. Would your product be best shown off shot flat-lay or on mannequin.

In general you should look at what your competition are doing to determine best practice. For example, ASOS lead their product with model shots, supported by mannequin and product video.

Ask yourself: what are your competitors doing, and how can you do it better?

Eponine shoot their incredible dresses with us on Mannequin.


Make sure you get enough shots. Front and back, but also side shots and from various angles. Once you know what really shows off your product best make a note of exactly how you set it up so that next season you can repeat.

When it comes to styling your product it is good to have a style guide handy to reference. This way your product can be styled and shot in the same way every time.

Air and Grace shoot their shoes from a number of different angles to best show case their amazing features.


Getting consistent lighting across different photoshoots requires consistent set up. At UShoot, using our Styleshoot machines, we have consistent, easy to control lighting that makes getting consistent lighting across your different shoots easier than ever. Just remember your presets on our machines and away we go.

Our machines are fully controllable all-in-one studios with easy to control lighting.


  • ISO

At higher ISOs, the camera can’t capture as much sharpness, so details begin to look soft. But at very low ISOs any movement of the camera will distort the image. Our camera has presets and remains in a fixed position. This means we can capture the highest quality and detail in our photography (consistently) for optimal clarity and sharpness.


Aperture, which is represented by the f number of your camera settings (e.g. f/16, f/2.8) controls focus. Generally, the larger the aperture number, the more aspects of the image will be in full focus.

With bright colours and reflective surfaces, control over the camera and the lighting is incredibly important for Chilly's Bottles. 6) RE-TOUCHING As we said before you really want to have as little retouching of your image as possible. One of the massive advantages of using UShoot Studios is the ability of our machines to automatically cut out images. Instantly creating a Cut-out PNG ready to use on any background you want. This reduces a lot of re-touching time, however not all. You will likely need to do little things like straighten edges, remove stubborn creases and do colour correction.

We can do some pretty impressive things in post-production. But as we said, the less work you do on the image, the better.


This final point is remarkably important. Making sure your images are all the same size, the same ratio, and have the same amount of space around them will make your images appear neatly on your website, making them look more appealing and help increase your online sales.


You have a bit of preparation work to do before you shoot anything, including knowing what angles you want to shoot, your final image ratio, and how much white space you want around your image.

If you are unsure about how to best show off your product you can always talk to us about best practices. With years of experience working with a variety of brands and products our experienced team are always happy to offer advice and help you get the best results.

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