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Increasing conversion online is all about creating confidence in the customer. They want to know exactly what they are getting.

With clothing an important part of that is making sure the customer understands how it would fit them. Which is why many brands shoot their clothes either on mannequin or on model (with the exception of childrenswear). It gives an accurate representation of how the clothes look on a person’s body, and gives the consumer an idea as to what they might look like in it.

However, it isn’t all that simple. To get that 3D effect without the mannequin or model in the image requires a gentle touch from a skilled hand.

Having a professional do this work for you will likely save you a lot of time and money and get you a much better result.



When shooting mannequin photography you need a number of constants, such as the camera position and lighting. Our StyleShoot machines are all-in-one inclusive product photography studios which means no set-up, and perfectly consistent photography, not just between images, but between shoots.

Inava Pavini, shot on modular mannequin.

For shooting 3D effect, you first ned to select your mannequin. We have a number of mannequins in the studio but our favourites are our modular ghost mannequins. These have removable sections which reduces post-production time.

For the actual shoot you have to take multiple images. Front and back, both straight and with the product inside out.

You will use the front straight and back inside out together.


With our ghost mannequins cutting out the mannequin is easier than with a regular mannequin, simply because we can remove sections of the mannequin before we even shoot.

However, this isn’t always possible. For example, with For Luna swimwear we used a clear mannequin to get the best effect.

Using the selection tools in Photoshop select and erase the mannequin.

The background is automatically removed from the image by our StyleShoot machines meaning you don’t have to worry about painstakingly removing it in post.

For Luna Swimwear shot on a see through mannequin and multiple images stitched together


Once you have your images without any mannequin or background in, layer the front straight image and the back inside out with the back image behind.

Next is the most difficult part. Carefully align and shape the back image so that it fits with the front. Be careful around details and parts like the neck line, especially if there is a print or pattern on the garment.


Finally, to make the image look natural you will want to darken the back image. You may then want to add shadow to give the garment depth.

Now save a copy of the Photoshop file with all of the layers intact (just to be safe).

Once you’ve saved the PSD file, flatten or merge all of the layers together and save the image again as a different file. This final step will make your image look more professional and realistic.

Vaara activewear

If the editing job is done well, you will end up with an amazing 3D effect, like the examples in this article. These will improve your product photography and help you increase sales for your online store.

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