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Everything you need to know to have the best PDP for your e-commerce website.

Here at UShoot we are experts in content creation and can offer solutions to maximise the impact of your e-commerce images and videos.

Here is a cheat sheet for flawless imagery you can follow to make sure you are showcasing your products to high quality industry standards.


  • Minimum of 1 product image for your Product Detail Page (PDP)

  • Main Image = First image shown on PDP

  • Secondary Image = Any other image on the PDP

Must fill at least 85% of the frame.

Should have minimum 1000 x 1000px (we recommend 2048 x 2048 px)

Preferably JPEG

No trademark or variation of those on your images

High quality, not blurry or pixelated


Must show the entire product

Professional photo of the product (not mockup or illustration)

Must show only the product (no props or distracting elements)

No graphic elements such logos or text

Women's and Men's clothing must be shown on a human model

Multi-packs need to be photographed flat or on a ghost mannequin

Children and baby clothing need to be photographed flat

Accessories and shoe images can not show any mannequin parts


Upload 2-3 secondary images per product

High quality, not blurry or pixelated

Highlight product features and answer customers questions

Show different angles

Zoom in on labels and details

Can have different backgrounds


Video files can be up to 2MB

Files need to be in MOV or MP4 format

Thumbnails are automatically generated

Need to be descriptive, demonstrative and product-focused

Keep your video short, concise and high-quality



If you follow these guidelines you'll make sure your products are shown in the best way, increasing your chances of higher conversion rates on your website and improving your score in search engines.

Feel free to come back to these cheat sheet anytime when you build a new PDP page, and when you plan for your next product shoot.

Our Styleshoot machines are designed to export in the best resolutions and formats so that your images are ready to use online.

Whether flat shots, ghost mannequin or model images and videos, we can provide all kinds of e-commerce solutions for your business.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries!

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