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Different Products require different shooting techniques.

Over the last few weeks we have had even more childrenswear, along with designer wear from Eponine London and some amazing pieces from Sixteen 47.

These need to be styled and shot differently, and if on mannequin then one size definitely does not fit all! Having the flexibility to use a variety of mannequins (and ghost mannequins) be that a child, size 10 lady or a plus size mannequin enables us to create what you need in terms of imagery whatever product you have.

In this video by StyelShoots, they show you how to achieve a hollow man effect using the modular/ ghost mannequin.


Childrenswear is more often than not shot flat lay for the main reason that the clothing comes in a broad array of sizes, from babywear to almost adult. However, for some garments they really need to be on mannequin.

Holly Hastie, for example, design beautiful children’s dresses. They are brightly coloured and stunningly designed. More than once the girls in the studio have wished that they were made big enough for them.

However, the dresses provide their own set pf problems as they require a quite particular sized mannequin.

Using one of the children sized mannequins in our studio though, we are able to get some fantastic results, giving the images of the dresses the life they deserve.


Sixteen 47, the design label set up by Helen Teague and Dawn French, designs and makes a gorgeous collections of plus-size womenswear. They are designed to be honest and flattering to the fuller figure.

However, the clothes would never fit on one of our regular mannequins. However, we now house a plus-size modular mannequin (named Bertha) who is perfect for this job.


Shooting swimwear on mannequin is a special challenge. Recreating a 3D effect requires comping together multiple images.

For Luna is a company who we had in recently that makes retro swimwear (read more). They’re gorgeous collections are well made and really benefit from being shot on mannequin.

For this we used a clear mannequin, and then shot from multiple angles. Our in-house post-production wizard, Ems, is then able to remove the mannequin much more easily that if we simply used a modular mannequin, and stitch together the images to get this incredible result.


In the studio we have a selection of modular mannequins. These are cleverly designed to break into multiple pieces allowing you to remove the mannequin from the shot before post-product. This is especially useful for things like strap dresses, or low cut tops.

This cuts post-production time down, making the process of shooting faster, easier, and cheaper.


If you have items that you would like shot on mannequin, but are unsure how hard it will be,

give us a call, on: 020 7354 4271

or drop us a line at:

We would love to talk through your needs and see if we can get you the perfect product photography.

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