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At first you might think that knolling is something that doesn’t have a place in commercial photography, but there you’d be wrong.

The meticulous nature of knolling means that you end up with eye-catching and striking imagery, which display your product clearly with additional context, this is exactly what you want from commercial images.


Even if you haven’t heard the term, you will likely have seen many examples, if nowhere else than on your instagram feed.

Knolling, in its simplest terms is neatly laying out a selection of items so that they are at 90-degree angles from each other. This keeps the items organised and creates a clean noticeable image.

The arrangement of objects are shot flat lay, so from a camera directly above them. The most effective knolls create looks of thematically selected images, and the very best display an understanding of colour palettes.

The organisational design, sometimes known as flat lay photography, has been used for decades and some brands have been utilising it to showcase their products ever since. But the rise of social media means that it’s become a trend and the appreciation for order is growing.

Today it’s a style that’s being used to create fascinating images of everything from food to tools.

Here's a knolling using a Healthy Back Bag

THE INSTAGRAM TREND There are hundreds of Instagram pages dedicated to creating and sharing knollings. Here are just three examples you could follow for inspiration.



If you’re not already using knolling for your commercial images embracing the style could give your photos a new edge. Here are just five reasons why you should consider knolling for your next professional photography shoot:

  1. It eye-catching – The neat lines and angles immediately capture attention.

  2. It’s trending – Knolling is currently very popular on social media, and being part of that trend could help raise your profile. Getting your image shared across Instagram could be an invaluable piece of marketing.

  3. It clearly displays your product – One of the key benefit to knolling is that it effortlessly shows off each item in the snap. While you can create a focal point, the uncluttered nature means that products aren’t hidden.

  4. You can link items and upsell effortlessly – If you’ve got a collection or items that go well together, knolling allows you to make that connectoin for your audience, which could help create multi-buys.

  5. Reflect your brand image – Knolling gives you a platform to reflect your brand image in a clean, uncluttered way. Whether it’s through using bold colours and patterns or adding a little chaos into the usually organised style, there are lots of ways to inject some personality.

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