Although our Styleshoot machines deliver cut-out images automatically, for some product there is a need for retouching, from smoothing creases or removing mannequin, to more complex 3D reconstruction work.

We will discuss this with you and estimate the time and cost when we discuss your shoot with you.

Colour correction before and after.jpg

3D Imagery

Involves taking multiple images of a product from multiple angles and stitching together the results (as above). For more technical product this is very effective.

Compilation IMagery

If you need product made into compilation images for banners etc please let us know and we can talk through how we can do this for you.


Depending on the look that you want you may look to have wrinkles smoothed and any imperfections retouched away.

etre cecile before and after.jpg

Mannequin Removal

Although our mannequins are modular (allowing us to remove necklines, arms etc) there are often small pieces of mannequin that need to be retouched out. In the main this is a fairly quick task.

Colour matching

Shooting using Styleshoots technology is 99% colour correct but occasionally - shooting Neon for example - you may want us to colour match for you.

Childrenswear before and after.jpg

Product faults

On occasion your sample may have a fault. Most of these issues we can fix, particularly if we understand the issue when we shoot.

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