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Using Styleshoots machines to deliver perfect product imagery to our clients quickly and efficiently,  leading the way in eCommerce asset technology.

On Model - Styleshoots Live

Stills and Video
All in one shoot

video for eCommerce and Social Media content is  essential  to promote your brand


But up to now 

getting quality, constant stills and video imagery has always been a problem.


Having to repeat the shoot under separate lighting with different equipment and creative resource means mis-matched colours, long days and large expense

Consistent, Quick and Cost Effective

By condensing a photo and video studio into one machine, the speed and efficiency of your model shoots is unparalleled.

  • Increase your content library and reduce cost

  • Automated Stills AND Video on the same set

  • Consistent colour across both stills AND video

  • Shoot up to 10 items per hour stills AND video

  • Export auto-edited, formatted video and stills ready for Web and Social


On Mannequin - Styleshoots Vertical

Ghost mannequin and other vertical shots

Shooting on mannequin has always been somewhat painful.

Styling on an inanimate form is always harder than photographing on-model.


Shooting inside out and replacing necklines, cutting away backgrounds - all make for a long and frustrating process

Fast and Efficient Mannequin Photography

Our Styleshoots Vertical Machine is entirely self contained photographic unit operated by the stylist through an ipad.

  • Modular mannequins give us flexibility when styling

  • Swivel caddy allows us to quickly shoot backs

  • Instantly cuts out background exporting a high resolution png for ease of retouch

  • Perfect for other items shot from the side such as footwear, knitwear (hanging), packshots and accessories

Prince Charlie Jacket & Waistcoat _Front.jpg

Flat-Lay - Styleshoots Horizontal

Perfect Flat Photography

Traditionally a large proportion of product imagery has been shot flat and it is a versatile and quick way to shoot

However setting up on the floor, arranging lights so that your shoot is consistent is back breaking and time consuming.

And although versatile and simple styling flat can be tricky!

Style Shoot Repeat...

Our Styleshoots Horizontal machine makes shooting a breeze...

  • Constant and consistent lighting every time

  • Shooting standing up increases efficiency

  • Shots easily controlled and viewed through ipad

  • Match your previous shot exactly for consistency

  • Automated output in multiple formats

  • every image automatically cut out

  • Shoot up to 20 items per hour

200727-133826_TO SEND.jpg
EcoLight Puddle Suit Lined_Yellow Sun_Front.jpg

Our eCommerce Services

We're experts in fashion product photography, include On-Model, Ghost Mannequin, Flat Lay and more. Check out our portfolio for more video and photo examples.

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On Model


Flat Lay



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