About Us

Ushoot Studios is a small family run business.

The studio was set up in 2014 by entrepreneur and all round great guy Dan Luxon. When he saw the machines he realised their immense potential immediately. After a brief discussion with the team at StyleShoots it became clear  that this potential wasn't going to be a viable option for small businesses. The machines are simply too expensive for all but the largest brands to warrant the cost.

So, he bought two of the machines and set up UShoot with the aim to help small brands get the highest quality photography possible at the best available price. 


Dan sketch.jpeg


Dan has fingers in many pies. From Marketing and Media to Business Consultancy. A (once) professional Opera Singer and Public Speaking Coach there isn’t much that Dan hasn't turned his hand to.

“Finding StyleShoots and seeing the opportunity to really help smaller brands with the creation of their visual content has been hugely rewarding.”  –Dan Luxon



Hannah is our stylist, stoic, driven and astoundingly applied what she can’t do with a gusset just isn't worth knowing.

Efficient and with the attention to detail that frankly is inhuman there is no one else in the world you would want in charge of your smalls.

Jess' dumb face .jpg


Jess delivers the Ushoot smile, day in day out, whatever the weather, however many Prosecco's the night before has engendered.

Always chirpy, ready, and willing to help, Jess looks after the running of the studio from Diary management to a bit of image manipulation, and of course sending out those lovely Invoices.




Every day at some point the cry of "Ems, can you fix this?" rings out. Then, with a heartfelt sigh Emilia roles up her sleeves, puts on her wizards hat and does magic!

Ems is magnificent and when needed  the things that she can do with Photoshop extract cries of amazement from all...