Terms and Conditions


  • Payment must be received and cleared before we release images.

  • Payment can be made by electronic transfer or in person.


  • Bookings may be cancelled or amended without penalty up to 48 hours prior to the designated start time.

  • If cancelled 48-24 hours before the start of the booking, a 50% penalty charge will be incurred.

  • If cancelled 24 hours of the designated start time, the full booking fee will be charged.


  • UShoot bookings (machine rental) do not include any post production unless agreed prior to the shoot with the Ushoot team.

  • WeShoot bookings include standard retouching such as: mannequin removal to create 'ghost/invisible mannequin' effect, shaping flatlay shot garments and products & colour corrections (done by our machines to 95% colour accuracy).  

  • Complex retouching requirements (colour matching one product to another, recreating missing elements, etc.) need to be discussed prior to booking and will incur an additional cost, charged at £60 per hour + VAT.


  • Images are sent via Dropbox to your designated email account.

  • We aim to deliver images 3-4 working days after your shoot if we are retouching them (depending on volume/complexity). If there is no retouching required we will deliver images on the day that payment has cleared.

  • A copy of your images will be kept for up to 3 months by us as a back-up, unless you request otherwise.


  • We retain the right to use your images in localised marketing materials such as on our website, marketing, social media, etc. - Please let us know if you do not wish for us to promote your brand in our marketing channels.

  • We hand over the copyright over your images/product/videos once payment is received/cleared.


  • We do not ship products back to clients (clients agree to send and collect their products at their own cost).

  • Clients agree to collect their products within 2 weeks of the shoot's completion. 

  • We will dispose of uncollected products after 3 months of the shoot's completion.

  • We are not responsible if products get lost in transit, arrive damaged or unpacked outside of their original packaging.

  • We are not responsible of re-packing products in their original packaging (bags, safety tags, protective film. etc.).

  • We strive to account for all items once they arrive to us, in case items are missing/unaccounted for, we will not be held responsible as we have no guarantee they were packaged/sent to us.

  • In case of damaged goods we will need: proof of condition of the items prior being sent to us, a description of the damage, value of the sample (not retail price), to then fill in the documents for our insurer.

  • We do not fill in EU customs/International declarations, and we won't be held accountable in case proper documentation is missing/products are sent back due to insufficient information.