Compete with Big Brands

We use the same technology as big brands like:

We are the only studio in the UK offering a service using these machines!



Fully automated process in the machine exporting your set presets as JPG, already cut out PNGs, TIFF and RAW batch file almost instantly.

Shoot your product and you can take your images away that very same day.

Styleshoots Vertical.jpg

THe vertical


The machines incorporate a Canon EOS 5D Mk III Camera with 70-200 L lens and motorised zoom.

Along with custom made lighting and software to get the best results.


THe horizontal


The styleshoot machines are all-in-one, self contained and easily controlled photography studios. That means getting consistent imagery has never been easier.


You have absolute control over what and how you shoot. And our professional staff are there to help you get the best results from your shoot.


Our two StyleShoots machines are easy to use, self-contained photographic environments.

They take high resolution cut-out images in seconds, ready to use online or in print.

Simply style the product and press the button!

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