Video Tutorials

In this section we share some of the highly imformative videos published by Styleshoots that detail advice, hints and tips for getting the best from model, mannequin and flat-lay photography.

Shooting homeware for eCommerce

Photographing homeware like linen, towels, sheets, and blankets for e-commerce can be quite simple with the help of some neat folding and stacking. Here Pernilla from Styleshoots shows some basic styling techniques when shooting towels and blankets for ecommerce. There's a lot of variety in homeware products, so in this tutorial Pernilla shows a variety of product styling concepts that can be applied throughout your whole homeware range. The equipment used in the video is our StyleShoots Vertical. 

How to make a Product Photography Style Guide

Make a style guide for all your product photography content, to ensure consistency in the look of your website.


When your styling is consistent, customers can better find and compare products on your website, leading to higher conversion. Consider your brand identity - casual, formal, exclusive, etc, and types of products - accessories, childrenswear, etc. Agree with web and print departments on content types needed - front, back, detail, folded, etc.

Tips for styling clothes on mannequin for ecommerce

In this fashion product photography tutorial, Pernilla from Styleshoots gives 5 sensible tips when using a ghost mannequin that demonstrates the best way to attain the "invisible man/woman" effect so important to effective eCommerce imagery. Pernilla is working with our StyleShoots Vertical and ghost mannequins. 

Styling a coat as Flat-Lay for eCommerce

Coats and outerwear can be quite tricky to shoot on a tabletop, but there are a few styles that work pretty well when photographed flat lay. In this product photography tutorial, Pernilla from Styleshoots shows how to style and shoot a puffer jacket for your web store, lookbook, or social. She is working with our StyleShoots Horizontal, the perfect all-in-one solution for flat lay photography and packshots. It comes with automatic background removal.

Creating perfect product imagery for social media use

Stylshoots expert Annabelle Plueckthun shows how to produce informative and captivating product images for Facebook and Instagram Stores.

  • how to use your product imagery to make sure your social commerce profiles perform.

  • What are the most critical aspects to keep in mind when producing visual output for your platforms.

All images shown in this tutorial were captured with StyleShoots Live - our content allrounder for model photography and videography.

Live enables you to capture and export auto-edited, formatted videos and stills within minutes - ready to go for your social commerce profiles, website, or digital signage. 

Creating animated flat-lays for social media

In this video Styleshoots expert Annabelle Plueckthun shows you how to create animated flat lays in 5 steps using our Styleshoots horizontal machine and Photoshop.

She covers how to arrange, style, and animate your flat lays before exporting them in the right format for your platform of choice.

5 key tips for running an efficient stills and video shoot

In this tutorial, Matt from Styleshoots shares 5 tips that are vital for the successful execution of a model photoshoot. The focus is on getting the most value and the best possible results for your time and money. 

1. Work out the looks
2. Produce a detailed call sheet
3. Prepare your clothes
4. Sort your rail
5. Get your styling kit

Getting the best video results of model in dress

In this tutorial Matt Brasier from Styleshoots looks into how best to prepare for a video shoot of a summer dress. He delivers fantastic tips on how to record the most effective video for ecommerce and shows some different examples of the type of shot and results attainable on the Styleshoots Live all in one video and stills machine

Using set design and how to style your model for video and stills

In this tutorial Matt from Styleshoots covers some tips and tricks to help you run a successful fashion e-commerce photoshoot. Here he focusses  on designing the right set to best show off your product and the most effective way of styling your model before and during a photo shoot on the Styleshoots Live machine

Getting the best from a model in casualwear

In this tutorial Matt from Styleshoots gives tips on how to run a successful video shoot of a model wearing casual wear for fashion e-commerce. He reviews some tried and tested tips for recording your video, including styling and lighting.

Shooting shorts flat-lay for eCommerce

Here Pernilla from Styleshoots shows you how to style and photograph a pair of men’s chino shorts in just a few simple steps. She demonstrates a few methods for styling and photographing a pair of shorts for your web store, lookbook, or social. 

Effective video and stills photography

In this model photography tutorial, Matt from Styleshoots shares advice about running an effective shoot and how to direct your model effectively and efficiently so as to maximise the amount and quality of still shots and product video from a single shoot.